"When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities……."

— Focusing on the positive possibilities!

"You dont have to talk about how great you are - let your actions do the talking."

— Actions speak louder than words!

"When I truly care for someone, their mistakes never change my feelings because its the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares."

— No one’s perfect, everyone makes mistakes!

"Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things."

— Life can be beautiful, it all depends on how you think. Be positive!

"ѕυяє му ℓιfє ιѕи’т ρєяfє¢т вυт ι нανє тнє вєѕт fяιєи∂ѕ, fαмιℓу, αи∂ gσ∂. ωнαт єℓѕє ¢συℓ∂ ι иєє∂!?!"

— Family&God, is all I need right now!

"n̫o̫ m̫a̫t̫t̫e̫r̫ h̫o̫w̫ h̫a̫r̫d̫ t̫i̫m̫e̫s̫ g̫e̫t̫ i̫ w̫i̫l̫l̫ a̫l̫w̫a̫y̫s̫ b̫e̫ t̫h̫e̫r̫e̫. f̫a̫m̫i̫l̫y̫ i̫s̫ e̫v̫e̫r̫y̫t̫h̫i̫n̫g̫ t̫o̫ m̫e̫ & n̫o̫ m̫a̫t̫t̫e̫r̫ h̫o̫w̫ d̫i̫f̫f̫i̫c̫u̫l̫t̫ t̫h̫e̫ s̫i̫t̫u̫a̫t̫i̫o̫n̫ i̫s̫ i̫’l̫l̫ s̫t̫a̫n̫d̫ b̫y̫ t̫h̫e̫i̫r̫ s̫i̫d̫e̫ ‘t̫i̫l̫ t̫h̫e̫ e̫n̫d̫"

— Family is my happiness!

"тнє ѕωєєтєѕт ρℓα¢є ιѕ тσ вє ιи ѕσмєσиєѕ тнσυgнтѕ αи∂ тнє ѕαfєѕт ρℓα¢є ιѕ тσ вє ιи ѕσмєσиєѕ нєαят."


Anyone who has something to say about my life-
Cut out your tongue,
Nail it to your wall and keep it as a daily reminder that,
I don’t wanna hear you speak!


Quotes I love:

In this life there are 4 things that can not be sold in shops, and do not cost a thing, and those are LOVE, TRUST, UNDERSTANDING, and RESPECT.


My horoscope:

Pisces horoscope for Jul 24 2014
Relax, Pisces. There is some situation or event or achievement or person that you should be enjoying now. And yet, you are worrying instead about something else - something that you have no control over. It is taking your thoughts away from what should be your main focus. It is stealing the present from you. If you allow this to continue, you will one day look back with regret, and realize that you didn’t live in the moment, and that you missed out on something special. Snap back to something very positive that’s unfolding for you now.

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